Wasting $$$ to Brand Cattle that YOU ALREADY OWN!

Wasting $$ to Brand Cattle You Already Own!

Sales Match Back isn’t As a free experiment, I once matched 32 sales of a local dealer to a 145k email database but had sent ZERO emails. How? I just had a very large list, and so I had a great statistical (“math-back”) chance to match back the list to a dealer’s sales but having sent NO emails at all! In Texas, we call this “math-back” method of sales match-back “Paying to Brand Cattle You Already Own”. Know this: If your sales-matching digital and email vendors (or your direct mail companies are now also providing digital) are sending you solid web traffic that shops your site, is local, and doesn’t have a super-high bounce rate, then you’re likely getting results from people you know are reputable and accountable. GREAT!  If you want a DIFFERENT answer, however, that doesn’t wait for a mailbox visit or hope for email results, then try our SocialMailers™ product. About ½ the cost of a comparable mailer, it connects with customers via social media right on their phone—you know, where they look on average 8 times an hour? Calls, leads, visits. All accountable. All effective. Aren’t you reading this on your phone, too? SocialMailers™. Or you can try our Move Metal™ FacebookⓇ events that include our mPulse™ 2-Minute BDC.