Drive YOUR Sales from THEIR Cell Phone!

I can and will help you reach your targets’ cell phones with ads that drive sales. Yes, the very phones your customers are USING RIGHT NOW. And we help you get them into your showroom TODAY.

Here’s some interesting data: In the US, people check their cell phones 60 TIMES A DAY. Social media, from Facebook (15 times a day, at least) to TikTok, is a very large part of that. To compare, how often do your marketing targets for your dealership direct mail check their US Mail? And who in the household checks it? We can work standalone or strongly augment direct mail with this digital approach.

How? We hit their personaly cell phones ALL DAY with ads that human eyes definietely see AND that directly make appointments for you with our BDC–instead of mailers that can risk the only seeing the trash can or a single chance to be seen by the right human.

Contact me! 🙂 We’ve been doing this work for three years for dealers.

Keith “BullCutter” Shetterly
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