How to WIN Every Month!

How to WIN Every Month!

How? Our advertising and our sales processes must work together–THAT’s how.

However, very rarely are both “good”, and usually one (or far too often both) are under performing. It’s easy to understand this in terms of baseball: No matter any other positions, a team requires a good pitcher and catcher to have a chance to win. And, at our dealerships, our advertising pitches, and our sales process catches.

And we too often just suck at one or both. Wild pitches and/or poor catching, and we lose the game; good pitching and good catching, and we have a chance to win. Better pitching AND better catching, and we will win A LOT.

Advertising and sales process MUST work together to really win sales and profit, as otherwise each individually is just an excuse—and an EXPENSE—for failure. Are you ready to do the work to make them work together? If you don’t, your opponents—your competitors—will.

So get to work on your team. Most importantly, on your two key positions, advertising and sales process. BOTH must be good in order to really win.

Ready? Batter up! And if you need some help, The BullCutter is a very good pitching and catching coach here at and

Give me a call. 😉

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