What is ReLead Social™?

All of your unsold leads who are ignoring your follow-up calls are on social media right now, chatting and reading their timelines an average of 8 times an hour.

All while your unsold leads continue to land in your follow-up, month after month, building from hundreds to thousands (and more) of old leads that you can’t keep up with.

But you still want the sales you know are in those unsold leads. Somehow.

What is the solution? ReLead.social™ from Turn Up the Sales™.

We offer all your monthly unsold leads the chance to “re-lead” for your store while they are using their social media.

And we put their new lead directly into your CRM. Because they said they’re still interested in a vehicle from you.

And we cost only $1 per unsold lead. Yep.

For just pennies on each of the unsold leads that you already paid $20 or more for, you get back the folks who are still looking for a vehicle—but are hiding from you.

And all are exclusive to your dealership.

How? With ReLead.social™ from Turn Up the Sales™.

ReLead.social™. Because there is No Quit™.

Visit www.TurnUPthesales.com or email [email protected] or call/text 281-401-9250.


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